Gluten Free crêpes & Whole Wheat crêpes are available (add’l $1.50)

(All desserts are topped with powdered sugar)

Classic Crêpe

Butter & Sugar with Cinnamon or Lemon Zest / $7.00


Nutella Crêpe

Nutella Spread folded in a crêpe.

Topped with Mixed Berry Sauce

& Whipped Cream / $8.00

*With Strawberries or Bananas / $9.95

*With Strawberries and Bananas / $10.25


The Delightful Crêpe

Chocolate Crème Brulee with

Strawberries or Bananas folded inside a

Crêpe. Topped with Strawberry Sauce / $10.95


Country Apple Crêpe

Sautéed Apples, Butter, and Cinnamon

folded in a Crêpe. Topped with

Caramel Sauce / $9.95

A la mode (scoop of ice cream on top) / $10.25


Banana Split Crêpe

Banana, Chocolate Sauce, & Walnuts,

folded inside a crêpe, with a Scoop

of Ice Cream on Top and

Topped with Whipped Cream / $10.95


Crème Brûlée Crêpe

Homemade Crème Brûlée Custard,

spread inside a crêpe. Served with

Strawberries or Bananas,

Topped with Whipped Cream / $10.75


Medley Crêpe

Bananas and Choice of Peaches,

Pineapple or Strawberries, with

Whipped Cream, folded in a crêpe.

Topped with Mango Sauce / $10.25


Bananas Foster Crêpe

Sliced Banana Flambéed in Melted

Butter, Brown Sugar & Rum, poured

onto a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream,

on a crêpe / $13.25


Crêpe Suzette

Freshly Sliced Oranges, Flambéed in

Gran Mariner, Orange Juice, Melted

Butter and Sugar, poured onto

a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream,

on a crêpe / $13.25

A la mode (scoop of ice cream on top) / $2.25



Split Dessert Order / + $1.00



Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Served All Day

Prices subject to change


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